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Summer 2021

Our girls 2027/2028  team had a very successful summer season with tremendous growth. In Colorado their 4 losses out of 30+ games came from 2026 teams. They traveled to Las Vegas in July and competed against some tough teams and finished. 3-4 overall. They finished their season in a 2026 division Colorado tournament came out champions. 

Our Boys 2025/2026 Ran into tough teams all summer long. But these boys only got better as the summer went along. They played their best basketball when they traveled Phoenix, AZ. Every game they competed and finished their season strong. 

Fall 2021

Our girls 6th grade team went undefeated in the JPS fall league outscoring their opponents 301 to 80. Unfortunately the girls missed a few players in the Championship game and finished 2nd to team they beat 2 times prior. 

Our newly formed 2029/2030 girls competed in the JPS 5th grade division. They had some hard fought games and were able to finished strong and win the  whole thing. 

To end a great fall season our 5th and 6th grade girls came together to travel to Orange County, CA. They competed in a Grassroots365 tournament. They lost a heartbreaker on a buzzer beater in the Championship Game.

Our very own Addyson #88 and Milania #44 were nominated for all tournament team in California.  Amazing job Ladies. 

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